We brought on a third partner in the studio with Talloolah Love when we decided we wanted to do the work to find our own space that would possibly need day to day management. We looked at so many places, had some heartbreak when places didn’t work out, and found it increasingly difficult to find something that was in our budget and means. It was at this moment of discouragement when we were all discussing whether the School had a future when we were approached by a community member that wanted to invest in us. He saw that the work we were doing was important and affected the lives of so many. At the time he wanted to invest in commercial property, so this was a win-win situation. In the summer of 2016 we found the space that is now Metropolitan Studios. It not only provided us the space for what we wanted to do but also allowed for some financial flexibility as the brunt of the property fees were split between the school and one of the owners as the space became a live/work property. After many updates, necessary repairs and fundraising efforts we were ready to open to the public.


The original brainchild for having a school of Burlesque in Atlanta, begin in January of 2013 with the opening of Studio Burlesque by Ursula Undress and a venue owner who reached out to her because of her involvement in the local scene. At the time, this burlesque education studio was brought into a space that was owned by a man whose only interest was financial. After about six months in this space, Ursula discovered that she wanted so much more out of this endeavor, including more artistic control. She went through the legality of becoming personally responsible for this project and the Atlanta School of Burlesque was born. She continued to run the business out of this space with decreasing satisfaction in the way the space was treated and how that affected the business and her students. In an effort to petition the studio owner to allow more control over the studio, Ursula brought on a partner, Roula Roulette. Very shortly after bringing Roula on and after failed negotiations with the owner of the space, both Ursula and Roula decided that the best thing for the school was to find a new location. This was due mostly to the actions of the venue owner which became erratic and unpredictable and put the integrity of the studio’s reputation on the line. Thus the search for a new space began!

It was as this process was occurring that we realized we needed to think larger than just a burlesque school. Our mission began to expand in First Wives Club fashion and thus Metropolitan Studios was born! We wanted a space to not only house the Atlanta School of Burlesque and its mission, but also to provide a space for women entrepreneurs, a private event space for other artists in our community, a space to learn to craft and skills and a rental space for those who were still operating how we did when we first began.

After some searching, we found Core Dance in Decatur. We functioned out of Core for almost a year until scheduling became too difficult. Many of the classes were 6 weeks at a time on the same day of every week, which made it difficult to work around the around busy schedule at Core. So the hunt was on - again. This time we found ourselves at Firefly Studios in Decatur. While this studio was great in terms of space, availability and price, it didn't have everything we needed, including permanent mirrors. So we purchased some of our own and stored them there to have during classes which allowed us to continue searching while having a place that could accommodate our schedule. It was during our time at Firefly that we began to play with the idea of having our own space.

DebuTease Rehearsal at Studio Burlesque, 2015

New Mirrors!
Firefly Studios - 2016

Comedy Workshop with Ula Uberbusen
Firefly Studios - 2016

Now in 2018 with a year and a half under our garters, we find ourselves hosting Pop Up shops for celebrity fashion stylists, rehearsals for small theatre groups, craft clinics for new opportunities to hone tactile skills, seminars for women owned realtors, woman focused self defense classes, sensual dance, sensual yoga and posing classes by well known plus size models in addition to all of the classes and workshops offered by the Atlanta School of Burlesque.

Look at all that potential! 
Metropolitan Studios - Spring 2016

A fresh coat of paint!
Metropolitan Studios - Spring 2017

New light fixtures & paint touch ups!
Metropolitan Studios - Fall 2016

Temporary Signage
Metropolitan Studios - Fall 2016

Our Community Board
Metropolitan Studios - Fall 2016

We are continually amazed and thankful for the wonderful community we have begun to create and we are looking forward to continuing to build relationships with other women in our community. Join us and let us help you bring your dream and vision to life!

Pop Up & Shop with Shun Melson
Metropolitan Studios, Fall 2017

Feminist Women's Health Center Event
Metropolitan Studios, Fall 2017

Burlesque Movement Class with Ursula Undress