#BlackLivesMatter Community Support

It is of the utmost importance that we at Metropolitan Studios do our part to help combat racism and support our Black neighbors, friends, colleagues, family and the allies that are out protesting. 

If you are out protesting we will happily hang out with your kids to keep them out of harms way.

We have snacks, board games, Netflix and a super friendly kitty (that can be put away if it gets too crazy with folks). Donations are welcome (snacks, games, craft supplies, etc).


We want to be clear that we are not a day care facility - we are providing a free service to help out. Our babysitters are camp counselors, childhood development professionals, parents, aunts and caregivers. Anything you participate in with us will require you to fill out a liability waiver.

Babysitting  services will be available starting at 10am on both Saturday (6.6.20) and Sunday (6.7.20). We can arrange an earlier drop off if needed. You must let us know ahead of time that you're going to be dropping off so we can get you forms to fill out. You can email us directly, call / text, or fill out the form below.

We hope you all stay safe out there - thank you all for what you're doing and for allowing us to serve our community.

For More Information

1259 Metropolitan Ave SE

Atlanta, GA 30316

Office: 404-219-2003

Call / Text: 404-852-7775


"The three beautiful ladies who run this studio are wonderfully supportive and also wonderfully talented. It has been a pleasure to be a part of the going-ons at the studio, and I can't wait to continue my journey there. I encourage anyone to participate here at whatever level and interest they have: yoga, Zumba, burlesque, etc. You will be surrounded by lovely people who will support you and help give you the confidence that so many of us are missing."

 - Katherine R.