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Burlesque Drama Camp

Burlesque Drama Camp


Combining her background in both musical theatre and team sports, Minnie Mercury brings to you the ultimate class in burlesque ensemble building!  Come learn how to bring your own unique character to a group number where you will learn to both fit in and stand out.  

Class will consist of theatre games, character development exercises, and, of course, a story-driven, sexy AF or goofy as hell burlesque routine.  Class will be ⅓ lecture, ⅓ games and exercises, and ⅓ choreography.  

You will learn (1) choreographed Musical Theatre based group routine for each 6 week session along with a deeper knowledge and understanding of what it takes to truly create and be a part of an ensemble.  You will also develop stronger character development skills by means of analysis worksheets, theatre exercises, and group discussion.   

The first 2 weeks of each session will be lecture and theatre exercises based; you should bring a notebook to take notes as well as wear something comfortable to move in.  

The last 4 weeks of each session will entail more theatre exercises as well as the choreography routine; you should continue to dress comfortably but also bring a dance or character shoe for the choreography.  

Please be mindful of your attendance at all classes. Your attendance is essential for the group dance choreography and to develop your personal act. Each class will be taught on the same day every week for 12 weeks, minus holidays.  

Students are expected to provide basic "dance blacks" - black character shoes, black fishnets, black bra, and black shorts.


  • Learn two (2) choreographed routines.

  • Conceptualization of costuming to include sourcing and construction.

  • Analyze a dance performance in terms of choreography, performance, and theatrical elements.

  • Receive a skill assessment.Those who meet performance criteria may be eligible to perform in a Candybox Revue burlesque stage show or future student showcase with an instructor.


  • Notebook & Writing Utensils

  • Dance Heels

  • Water


  • Burlesque History & Ethics 

  • Stage Makeup 

  • Backstage Etiquette & Professionalism 

  • Music Mixing 

  • Pics, Reels, and Peels. Digital Media for Burlesque I

  • t's Called Show BUSINESS


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