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Sultry Songbirds

Sultry Songbirds


Please note this class can be taken as an academy session only. There will not be a progressive offering.

Sing, peel, and make ‘em feel!  

This beginner sing-and-strip class is for every aspiring singing stripper. Whether you are a complete singing beginner or you’re a naturally gifted vocalist, this class familiarizes you with a mix of essential singing and burlesque movement such as: 

  • Learning the correct stance and placement of the voice 

  • The best key for you to sing in

  • How to sustain your breath while moving/disrobing and singing.    

In the first six weeks of class, you will learn a fully choreographed sing and strip group routine. The first half of this class is a chorus/ensemble dance series that focuses on singing while executing basic burlesque movements to undress, within a group dance routine.  The second half of the class will equip you with the tools to prepare and perform your own sing and strip act or add to one you’ve already created. 

During this time, we will work to find the best song, easy costuming, and choreography for your very own sexy sing-and-strip performance.    

Breakdown of the 12 weeks:

  • Voice/Pitch

  • Song Movement

  • Easy Costuming 

  • Volume/Projection

  • Putting it all together

  • Presence

  • Song and background

  • Movement

  • Projection

  • Putting it all together

  • Peer performance

  • Dress Rehearsal  

This 12-week course will culminate in a group act (to be performed at the student recital in January) and the development of a personal act.  

Please be mindful of your attendance at all classes. Your attendance is essential for the group dance choreography and to develop your personal act. Each class will be taught on the same day every week for 12 weeks, minus holidays.  

Students are expected to provide basic "dance blacks" - black character shoes, black fishnets, black bra, and black shorts.


  • Learn (1) choreographed group routine

  • Develop your own sing and strip routine 

  • Receive a skill assessment. Those who meet performance criteria may be eligible to perform in a Candybox Revue burlesque stage show or future student showcase with an instructor.


  • Dance/character shoes or strapped toe shoes with a 2–3-inch heel.
    Other acceptable footwear includes jazz flats, salsa shoes, or barefoot.

  • Kneepads

  • Water


  • It's called Show Business  

  • Pics, Reels, and Peels. Digital Media for Burlesque  

  • Burlesque History & Ethics  

  • Backstage Etiquette & Professionalism  

  • Music Mixing 

  • Using Props Onstage


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