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The Atlanta School of Burlesque Presents

A Weekend with GiGi Holliday

Being sure of yourself begins with knowing your history, knowing your body, and knowing yourself. At the Atlanta School of Burlesque, we aren't just teaching glamorous dances to people, we are fostering a community of open-minded, artistic, creatives who strive to rediscover and redefine their relationship with themselves through movement.


The Atlanta School of Burlesque and Metropolitan Studios are thrilled to bring you the first in our "Weekend With" series. The Atlanta School of Burlesque has been providing burlesque education in the broader Metro Atlanta area since 2013. As an institution dedicated to burlesque education it is of the utmost importance that we provide our students access to the best instructors in our industry.

Our first "Weekend With" features GiGi Holliday, Washington D.C.’s resurgence of glitz, glamour, and allure. Armed with eyelashes and an arsenal of glitter, she has enticed audiences with her clever blend of sass and wit. Lady GiGi Holliday had her start after studying the art of burlesque in Trixie Little’s Burlesque Bootcamp and graduated in May 2010 with a double major in class and sass and a minor in tit-elation.

When she is not melting her milk chocolate beauty all over the audience, she uses her business attitude along with hard work. She is the Entertainment Director, premier host, and dancer for the La Boum Series, owner of Studio Holliday Burlesque Studio, Owner and Creative Director of Gi² Productions and Co-Founder and Co-Producer of the InDCent Arts Festival (Formerly known as Capital City Burlesque and Vaudeville Festival). GiGi has headlined the New Jersey Burlesque Festival, Jeezy’s Juke Joint, the 2nd Annual Texas Queerlesque Festival and What The Funk: An All BIPOC Festival in 2021.

In September 8, 2016, GiGi spoke for Creative Morning’s D.C. titled “Strip off your clothes and find your weird” which discusses the art of burlesque and the creative process. In 2020, GiGi became a member of The House of Knyle and debuted at number 40 on the Top 50 Burlesque list. In 2022, GiGi jumped 30 spots in 365 days to number 10 on the Top 50 Burlesque list. Winner of Hottest Freshman of 2021 at the NY Burlesque Festival, GiGi Holliday is a D.C. Legend and NY’s Rising star, “D.C. Legitimate Love Child” enjoys the spotlight heating her up and showing you some “Chocolate City Tittie”.


Burlesque classes near me

Saturday, July 16th

9:00 AM - Opening Circle

Let's start the day with an open heart and prepare ourselves for a day of movement. We will start with introductions, move to guided mediation with affirmations and end with joy.


Saturday, July 16th

10:00 AM - Burlesque Barre

Burlesque Barre is a fun and empowering class set to today’s hottest music. Classes begin with a warm-up focusing on postural strength and alignment, followed by a series of upper body exercises. The ballet barre or chair is used to sculpt the lower body, abs, and for flexibility training.

Saturday, July 16th

11:00 AM - Dance Like A Diva

Pop stars have been strutting their stuff and owning the stage since pyrotechnics were invented. The key ingredient that turns a pop star into a diva is attitude. This class will show you how to command, strut, and own it.


Saturday, July 16th

1:00 PM - Improv Bump & Grind

Of the many moves associated with classic burlesque, there is the bump & grind: two great foundational moves that any performer can use to build a dynamic and entertaining act. Having classic burlesque moves as part of your movement vocabulary are great tools to have in your performer shimmy belt. In addition to learning classic moves, students will explore ways to implement them for use with live bands and the occasional "oh no" moments on stage. Students should wear comfortable clothes. No prior dance experience is necessary.

Saturday, July 16th

2:00 PM - Grooving with GiGi

Tbh...I just wanna shake my ass. I wanna dance!!!! So let’s grab your dancing shoes (heels or sneakers) and combine dance styles for an amazing routine.


Saturday, July 16th

3:00 PM - Closing Circle

Let's close the day with connections and a dance in our hearts. We will close with final words, move to guided mediation with affirmations and end with more joy than we began with.


Saturday, July 16th

Doors 8:00 PM
Show 9:00 PM

Join The Atlanta School of Burlesque at Metropolitan Studios for Strippers' Holliday, an extraordinary night of burlesque showcasing some of Atlanta's brightest talent! Featuring GiGi Holliday with performances by Clara Toris, Clyf Hangar, Lola LeSoleil, Obsidian, Roula Roulette, Stormy Chance, Talloolah Love, Ursula Undress, and Zara Estelle with Themcee Axel St. James!

Burlesque show near me
Burlesque show near me

Clara Toris


Since falling in love with burlesque, Clara has had the pleasure of performing with incredible artists. She began her burlesque career in 2015 with Minette Magnifique and has since joined The Rouge Collective and is working with The Candybox Revue.


She has also performed with Syrens of the South, Blackheart Burlesque, Roxie Roz, and Big Mama’s House of Burlesque

Clyf Hangar 


Clyf Hangar is that first sip of dark roast coffee early in the morning. He is the Blatino Fire! Clyf is a proud member of the Candybox Revue, and a brand ambassador for Metropolitan Studios. He aspires to branch out into the industry this year.


Clyf has been a Boylesque performer for a little over 6 years and has performed in multiple cities including Atlanta, Knoxville, Savannah, Asheville, Las Vegas and Chicago. He has had the honor of working with many troupes, such as Queerly Beloved Revue, Bear It All Burlesque, BiFrost Collective, and Fandom Nerdlesque. He has performed at the Savannah Burlesque Festival, Show Me Burlesque & Vaudeville Festival, ClexaCon and more.  Clyf is community driven! He aspires to share his craft through teaching Boylesque at the Atlanta School of Burlesque and mentoring sparkle gems to find their authentic spirit in creating this art.

Burlesque show near me
Burlesque show near me

Lola LeSoleil


With a repertoire ranging from reverential to ridiculous, Lola LeSoleil is an award-winning burlesque artist who launches crowds to their feet from coast to coast. She is an instructor at the Atlanta School of Burlesque and a proud glittering member of The Candybox Revue.



Presenting . . . your Royal Thighness, Obsidian!

Obsidian has been performing in group acts and taking classes with The Atlanta School of Burlesque for years and made her debut, solo performance at FATlanta 2022 and is her to serve up the bodyfunk while shaking her rump!

Obsidian is a rump-shakin' member of The Candybox Revue burlesque troupe and is also a brand ambassador for Metropolitan Studios.

Burlesque show near me
Burlesque show near me

Roula Roulette


Roula is CEO and co-owner of Metropolitan Studios, The Atlanta School of Burlesque and The Candybox Revue burlesque entertainment troupe. She is a community organizer and activist in the Atlanta arts scene. Her work honors the legacy of the queer individuals, feminists, and artists who rebelled, organized and created before us by joining people together and building on that legacy - igniting passion, solidarity and community.


As a theatrical artist, she is most known for her performances that embody body positivity, sex positivity, self-love, wacky personal narratives, political think pieces, and sexual exploration.


Roula has been teaching Burlesque and preaching the gospel of building body confidence with the Atlanta School of Burlesque since 2013. She holds a Master of Arts in Theatrical Production. She teaches movement classes and her acclaimed Titty Church™ internationally and throughout the US at Universities, festivals, conferences, and private engagements.

Stormy Chance


She’s the buxom burlesque babe who debuted in San Diego but calls Atlanta her home. With a background in dance, music and costuming, she has an uncanny ear for musicality and an eye for the creative and complex.


She's everyone's favorite weather girl, Stormy Chance!

Burlesque show near me
Burlesque show near me

Talloolah Love


The Queen of the Subtle-Tease, Talloolah Love is Studio Manager and co-owner of Metropolitan Studios, The Atlanta School of Burlesque, and The Candybox Revue burlesque entertainment troupe.


As a burlesque performer and producer, she has won multiple titles and produced Dragon Con Burlesque: A Glamour Geek Revue for 10 years. She started the #IamBurlesque body positivity online campaign in 2016.


In 2019 she received the Phil Slomski Artist of the Year Award. Her style ranges from classic and opulent to gritty and thought-provoking.

Usula Undress


Thanks to her strong musical theater & dance background, and her advocacy for body, sex, and age positivity, Ursula has become an Atlanta staple in the burlesque scene. Known for her fearlessness of womanly sexuality, she sends her burlesque message to the world through storytelling and sensual movement.


She has danced on the stages of The New Orleans Burlesque Festival, the Americana Burlesque & Sideshow Festival in Asheville, NC, The Texas Burlesque Festival, Alabama Burlesque Fest, The Dallas Burlesque Festival, Smoky Mountain Burlesque Festival, and was a runner-up in 2010’s Viva Las Vegas 13 Burlesque Competition.


Ursula choreographs group numbers and produces for The Candybox Revue, and teaches movement and burlesque classes at The Atlanta School of Burlesque.

Burlesque show near me
Burlesque show near me

Zara Estelle


Zara Estelle has been gracing burlesque stages since 2012. With over 20 years of technical dance training and performing Zara is a burlesque performer who gives audiences a taste of everything. From their Milwaukee roots with the Brew City Bombshells and with Chicago's Vaudezilla Productions, they have honed their craft: teaching, rehearsing, and performing on a weekly basis.


Now in Atlanta, they teach, perform and produce with The Atlanta School of Burlesque, Metropolitan Studios, and The Candybox Revue.

This high-energy, high-kicking dance phenom shocks you, some even say are “simply electrifying”. From ballet and tap to hip hop and jazz, Zara Estelle brings down the house and leaves the audience wondering "what's next?"

Axel St. James



Axel has practically lived on stage since the day they were born. Going to college to get a piece of paper saying that stage work is in their blood has put them in student loan debt but at least it’s pretty. Axel has been emcee and performed drag for multiple productions in Atlanta and is a member of CandyBox Revue.

Burlesque show near me
Burlesque show near me
Burlesque show near me

Doors / Brunch: 10:30 am
Show: 11:30 am

Nose to the Rhinestone began as a social media accountability network that was created by Bazuka Joe. According to Bazuka Joe, #NoseToTheRhinestone was "created in an effort to get folks motivated, and it served its purpose well at the time." Now you can search the hashtag on most social media channels and see the incredible work and dedication that many burlesque performers have chronicled with this hashtag. We have created this show as a part of our Weekend With series to inspire local Atlanta burlesque performers to get their noses to the rhinestone and create something that can then be peer reviewed by some of the best in our industry!

We use this name and concept with explicit consent and enthusiasm from Bazuka Joe. 

This show will feature 4-6 performers who will be provided act feedback by GiGi Holliday, instructors at The Atlanta School of Burlesque, and all of our performers from our Saturday night show, Stripper's Holliday.

All tickets to this show come with brunch catered by DeaLuna Productions! Seating will be limited so get yours today!

French Toast
Dairy Free Hashbrown Casserole
Chicken Sausage Patties
Thick Cut Bacon
Eggs (made to order - no omelets)
Homemade Vegan Biscuits
Dairy Free Sausage Gravy
Dairy Free Mini Muffins / Loaves - Blueberry, Carrot, Banana
Assorted Fruits / Veggies
Veggie Crudite w/ Non-Dairy Artichoke Dip
Hot Tea
Mimosa Bar