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A Weekend With Lilly Rascal 

Atlanta Burleqsue Show Burlesque class near me

The Atlanta School of Burlesque Presents

A Weekend With Lilly Rascal

The Atlanta School of Burlesque has been providing burlesque education in Metro Atlanta since 2013. As an institution dedicated to burlesque education it is of the utmost importance that we provide our students access to the best instructors in our industry.

Our second "Weekend With" on October 22nd & 23rd, 2022 features Lilly Rascal! This Chicago heart breaker is ready to kick your ass while you can kiss hers! Lilly Rascal brings her energetic rock and roll burlesque to the international stage and to a dance studio near you! With over 20 years of performance experience in modern dance, jazz, and pointe ballet, along with stage acting, film and voice over work, she strives to create distinctive burlesque that is compelling and powerful.


As an educator, Lilly infuses the knowledge gleaned from her body of work into her classes, offered as weekly sessions, traveling workshops, bachelorette parties and private lessons. After cutting her teeth in the musical theater world, Lilly began her burlesque career in 2011, in Minneapolis, Minnesota and now resides in the Windy City, producing Way Out Wednesday when she is not touring and teaching. She is the original rascal without a cause, it's Lilly Rascal!


"She ensnared her audience with her forceful dancing"- Cloud Orchid Magazine.

Class Schedule

10:00 AM - Faces & Fingers: Stage Presence

Like a dazzling costume, your confidence should be something you wear onstage. This confidence building stage presence workshop will guide you through tricks for your body and mind to help you feel stage ready and showcase your talent. Using mirrors, dance, facial expressions and acting exercises, this class will explore new ways to help you learn how to master the skills of owning the stage!

11:00 AM  - The Art of The Twirl 

Learn how to tassel twirl from one of the fastest twirlers in the Midwest! In this class you will start from the beginning, with how to put on your pasties and go through the process of learning how to twirl for every size of chest! Small, big, medium and none-chested humans can all learn how to tassel! You’ll learn dance drills and exercises that you can practice as home to spin those tassels to new heights!
Must bring pasties with tassels and tape (if you need recommendations for pasties/tape for class please email Lilly for help).

1:00 PM - Rascal's Rock & Roll

Do you want to add some rock to your roll and style to your steps? Love the burlesque style but wanna kick it up a notch? Whether you are a trained dancer or have never put on a pair of heels, you are welcome to this class. Learn across the floor movement, burlesque technique, floor work and a shimmy shakin' routine with an edge! Lilly has been teaching this rock and roll burlesque class for over 8 years around the country and wants to share her knowledge so you to can bring something different to the stage that shows you off as the kickass performers you’ve always wanted to be! Bring heels or boots with heels (or flat foot if needed).

2:00 PM - To New Heights: How to Walk & Dance in Heels

Finding the heels that you love and finding the heels that you can dance in sometimes don’t see eye to eye. Lilly is here to teach you simple techniques on how to walk, glide, spin and so much more in heels! Using across the floor drills, leg, ankle and heel exercises and small dance steps will take you from a step touch to a step strut! Bring heels like you feel comfortable in and maybe some heels you wanna try out!

Come See The Shows!

Atlanta Burlesque Show Burlesque Class near me

Lilly The Rascals


Unpredictable and electric, step into the Rock & Roll limelight full of burlesque satire, emotion, sultry performances, humor, and sheer joy! Join us as we take Rock & Roll to new and sparkling heights, starring Chicago's own Rascal Without a Cause, Lilly Rascal!

Lilly & The Rascals features performances by local burlesque favorites and a student performance from The Atlanta School of Burlesque! All will leave you yelling, "Go, Rascals, Go!"

Doors - 8:00 pm
Show - 9:00 pm

Atlanta Burlesque show burleqsue class near me

Nose To The Rhinestone

Nose to the Rhinestone began as a social media accountability network that was created by Bazuka Joe. According to Bazuka Joe, #NoseToTheRhinestone was "created in an effort to get folks motivated, and it served its purpose well at the time." Now, you can search the hashtag on most social media channels and see the incredible work and dedication that many burlesque performers have chronicled with this hashtag. We have created this show as a part of our Weekend With series to inspire Atlanta burlesque performers to put their noses to the rhinestone and create something that can then be peer reviewed by some of the best in our industry!

We use this name and concept with explicit consent and enthusiasm from Bazuka Joe.

The show features performers who are provided act feedback by Lilly Rascal, instructors of The Atlanta School of Burlesque, and some of our performers from our Saturday night show, Lilly & The Rascals!

All tickets include brunch catered by DeaLuna Productions! Brunch menu includes: 

Mini Pancakes with syrups, whipped cream and fruit toppings, hashbrown casserole (Pork free), chicken sausage links, smoked salmon charcuterie, egg station for made to order eggs, assorted cut fruits & berries & vegetable crudité.


Brunch includes the mimosa bar!

Doors / Brunch - 10:30 AM
Show Time - 11:30 AM

Become A Sponsor

We love our sponsors! Please email Roula Roulette at if you're interested in becoming a cash or in kind sponsor!

All Weekend With Sponsors receive:

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