MEET THE OWNERS - a.k.a. "TaRouSula"


Studio Manager & Coordinator

"My mission as a teacher is much like my mission in my personal life: to be a an inspiration to others by being confident, individualistic, sexy, and strong. I believe in balance in all things. Finding life's balance comes not just in the physical realm of dance, but in the mental, the spiritual, and in the emotional. Besides being a dance instructor, I am also a yoga teacher. In my yoga practice I speak about digging deep within and finding your authentic truth. As a performer, I don't think you truly become great until you find that authentic voice and deign to show it to your audience with your story or your act. My classes are about how Burlesque can and should be a statement of personal truth. Whatever that truth is. The goal in my class is to get my students out of their heads and back into their bodies, and show them that that their body can be the tool they use to tell their own unique stories. "

Talloolah Love
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VP of Operations & Sales / Events Manager

"Recognition of self and body acceptance is the focus of my teaching philosophy. It is important for me as a dance educator to engage with students in a way that allows them to truly see themselves; to learn to accept the current iteration of their body and begin their journey toward redefining their relationship with their physical and emotional selves. I am continuously building relationships with my students of all levels, who are reaching toward a common goal while creating a classroom of respect and trust. 
As a dance educator, I strive to keep a positive perspective in class by encouraging uplifting communication and the ability to accept praise and thoughtful critique. I teach to connect, communicate, inspire and impart knowledge. Not just of movement and sexuality, but of self realization and acceptance.  My joy is found in joining students in their journey of transformation; finding their creative voices and the courage and strength to find beauty within themselves."


Creative Director & CFO

"This business is my passion. Finding other people who want to be a part of a group that works hard to make performance happen is something I have dreamed of! I love showing people that their bodies are capable of so much more than they believe, and I love showing women who have reached a certain age or size that they can still be sensual beings who revel in their own sexuality, grace, and skin! If you are open to the experience, you will find a comfort within yourself that you never expected."

Ursula Undress



"Burlesque as I interpret it, is an art plied through aspects of intention, engagement and a range of emotions. It is an active interplay where the performer holds the viewer in their hands. Therein lies much power. My purpose is to inspire students to be comfortable, confident, and composed and to radiate that energy off or on any stage they find themselves."


"My main goal as a teacher is the same as on stage- to share the wonderful, kinda weird mixture of dance and music-making that is tap dance. In the classroom, this means teaching a strong technical foundation (how to move to get your feet to make the sound you want) with a little smidge of music theory (how do the tap sounds fit together with the music) and a smattering of tap’s rich oral history. Tap doesn’t fit squarely into one box or another- it’s both a dance form and a musical form, and in teaching tap, I hope to help my students combine their bodies and brains to tell stories to the ear and eye."


"The word yoga means "to yoke" — to bind the mind to the body to the spirit to our Source. Every human has this connection innately, I'm just here to guide and make sure the poses are done safely and effectively and perhaps, to invite the student to take the practice deeper than just physical exercise (although it is GREAT exercise and that's a fine motivation too!) 


When I studied under Swami Jaya Devi, I eagerly wanted to write down every word she spoke in our lessons, but despite my studious efforts, I was challenged by a senior teacher to experience her lessons not just with my head, but to accept the energetic exchange she was offering that I was missing with my head buried in my notes. In an age where yoga "classes" can be streamed online and distilled to just the physical poses (asanas are only one of the eight limbs of this wonderfully wise approach to living), it's this energetic offering — along with the safety of proper alignment, customization for each body's needs, and warm inclusive environment — that I strive to offer my students at Metropolitan."