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Learn about our creative community and our team!

We are an arts and movement community open to creators who seek a place to make, congregate, collaborate, and entertain. We offer classes, workshops, and intimate events.

We are a dance studio, burlesque school, burlesque show venue, art space, event venue, creative space, film/photo production space, and more. Rent the space for private events, weddings, parties, meetings, workshops, Georgia film productions, and more.


Dubbed "Atlanta's Burlesque & Cabaret House", we are home to the Atlanta School of Burlesque and the award-winning burlesque troupe, The Candybox Revue.


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From classes to events to community, #magicshithappenshere! Learn more about Metropolitan Studios, The Atlanta School of Burlesque, and The Candybox Revue burlesque entertainment below!

The Metropolitan Studios logo consisting of 6 illustrated women

METROPOLITAN STUDIOS Arts & Movement Community is a creative space run by women for everyone. We were born by identifying the importance of artistic self-expression, the representation of marginalized communities, and the need for an inclusive and safe space for individuals. Celebrating diverse artists and makers, Metropolitan Studios is more than just a dance studio - it is an artistic haven. We offer performing arts and movement classes, events, burlesque shows, event performance entertainment, and workshops! Rent our space for corporate events, classes, photoshoots, rehearsals, live music, art markets, meetings and private, public or corporate events.

THE CANDYBOX REVUE is an ensemble burlesque troupe that redefines Burlesque entertainment by challenging society’s perspective on what is worthy of being represented onstage and in the performing arts community. Burlesque is a vital, vibrant, and powerful art. It is theatrical, political, funny, entertaining, and family-friendly when needed. CBR’s mission is to provide quality entertainment, showcase artistic and individual diversity, support heartfelt causes in and around our community, and consistently raise the bar for burlesque and variety entertainment production. CBR is part of the #IAmBurlesque International Movement, which showcases burlesque performers of all body types, abilities, ethnicity, identities, and experiences as proud individuals and entertainers.

The Candybox Revue logo
ASB Full Color Logo.png

THE ATLANTA SCHOOL OF BURLESQUE teaches that burlesque is an art form that is accessible to everyone. It is owned and operated by award-winning burlesque performers, producers and professionals with rich burlesque histories and decades of experience. Educating in the art of the tease since 2013, we are Atlanta's comprehensive burlesque education program.
From drop-in classes to Atlanta's Burlesque Academy. we are dedicated to seeing you through your burlesque education, It is our imperative to provide students opportunities to learn.


Bleu Pearl sits on a sofa and poses for the camera.



Burlesque gives me the outlet for healing with movement - opening up my sacral chakra and activating my solar plexus, healing and thriving with every movement.
Burlesque is a performing art form that transcends the arts. Through this art form you are able to create, release, move, laugh, smile, cry. Be whoever you want to be for the 3 to 6 minutes you are performing. You begin to discover so much about yourself. As an Instructor I enjoy teaching sexy chair routines, covering topics that include tease, sensuality, self-reflection, eye contact and protection. I enjoy providing a safe space where students can experience the freedom of self discovery through burlesque. From healing through movement, self love, affirmation, and mirror works rituals, my mission is to teach students how to flow and connect with themselves!



The journey for many burlesque performers, including myself, starts with a great deal of body acceptance, healing and community building.  My burlesque focuses on not only your body in space but creating a space to perform safely and authentically.  As a teacher I make sure that students have the ability to be their best selves which includes accountability. I believe in focusing on body awareness, breath and stillness to build the foundation for a confident and engaging performer. I use classic burlesque movements with slow sensual vibrancy to display the unique beauty that lives in us all. 

Golden Mystique poses at The Atlanta School of Burlesque
Lola LeSoleil poses at The Atlanta School of Burlesque



Burlesque as I interpret it, is an art plied through aspects of intention, engagement, and a range of emotions. It is an active interplay where the performer holds the viewer in their hands. Therein lies much power. My purpose is to inspire students to be comfortable, confident, and composed and to radiate that energy off or on any stage they find themselves.



Teaching is all about helping people unlock their true potential.  I take a lot of pride in guiding students to find their own confidence, creativity and charisma. Burlesque choreography doesn’t have to be perfect; finding your groove, your sensuality, and your interpretation of set choreography is more intriguing and captivating than hitting every single step.  You’re sexy, sensual, and intoxicating at any size, and I’m here to help bring the self acceptance gospel to the masses.  Humans should never stop learning and allowing themselves to adventure even a small step outside of their comfort zone; I’m here to push everyone to learn new skills, moves, and tricks that elevate your personal Burlesque game.

Minnie Mercury poses at The Atlanta School of Burlesque
Obsidian poses at The Atlanta School of Burlesque



Joining our teaching staff in Fall 2023

Presenting . . . your Royal Thighness, Obsidian!


Obsidian has been performing in group acts and taking classes with The Atlanta School of Burlesque for years and made her debut, solo performance at FATlanta 2022 and is here to serve up the bodyfunk while shaking her rump!




Co-Founder of Metropolitan Studios, Inc.

Recognition of self and body acceptance is the focus of my teaching philosophy. It is important for me as a dance educator to engage with students in a way that allows them to truly see themselves; to learn to accept the current iteration of their body and begin their journey toward redefining their relationship with their physical and emotional selves. I am continuously building relationships with my students of all levels who are reaching toward a common goal while creating a classroom of respect and trust. I strive to keep a positive perspective in class by encouraging uplifting communication and the ability to accept praise and thoughtful critique. I teach to connect, communicate, inspire and impart knowledge - not just of movement and sexuality, but of self-realization and acceptance.  My joy is found in joining students on their journey of transformation; finding their creative voices and the courage and strength to find beauty within themselves.

Roula Roulette poses at The Atlanta School of Burlesque
Sam Kim poses at The Atlanta School of Burlesque



Sam has flirted with yoga since her youth. Growing up practicing both tae kwon do and dance, yoga was a natural step towards finding something deeper in the
movement she craved. Never happy sitting still, and constantly curious, her personal practice evolved. At the prompting of family and loved ones, Sam more thoroughly explored her practice on retreats all around the world, igniting a fire in her to travel and practice as often as possible. The drive to learn more and more led her to complete her 200-hour yoga teacher training under Mandy Roberts and Neda Draupadi Honarvar in 2023. Sam is thrilled to share her knowledge of yoga with others as she continues her journey.

Teaching Philosophy:

A dreamer, a dancer, a yogi, and a big “living in your body” type, I have devoted much time attempting to connect the physical experience and the ethereal divine. An avid lover of ritual, I believe yoga can unite more than breath to movement: when we move and breathe together, we create community, and so much more. Also a voracious
reader and a lover of myth, I also believe that yoga allows space for suspended belief, archetypes, and – yes – even a little magic.
Coming of age among strippers and drag queens, it has always been clear to me that gender is performative, that sexuality is a spectrum, and that we all contain multitudes. Light/dark, effort/ease, sacred/profane, feminine/masculine: all are fluid in each of us. My alignment-focused practice is for every body. Based on authenticity, openness, presence, and accessibility, my practice encourages students to show up for themselves
and their bodies with compassion, inclusivity, and joy.



Co-Founder of Metropolitan Studios, Inc.

My mission as a dance teacher aligns with my personal mission: to inspire others by being confident, individualistic, sexy, and strong. I believe in balance in all things. Finding life's balance comes not just in the physicality of dance, but also in the mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects. I am a dance instructor and yoga teacher. In my yoga practice I speak about digging deep within and finding your authentic truth. As a performer, I don't think you truly become great until you find that authentic voice and show it to your audience through your story and acts. My classes are about how Burlesque can, and should be, a statement of personal truth. Whatever that truth is. My class goals are to get my students out of their heads and back into their bodies -to help them discover their bodies are a tool they can use to tell their own unique stories.

Talloolah Love poses at The Atlanta School of Burlesque
Ursula Undress poses at The Atlanta School of Burlesque



Co-Founder of Metropolitan Studios, Inc.

Founder of The Atlanta School of Burlesque & The Candybox Revue

Finding other people who want to be a part of a group that works hard to make performance happen is something I have dreamed of! I love showing people that their bodies are capable of so much more than they believe, and I love showing women who have reached a certain age or size that they can still be sensual beings who revel in their sexuality, grace, and skin! If you are open to the experience, you will find comfort within yourself that you never expected.




As a dancer, I believe that movement is an essential part of caring for our souls, bodies, and minds. Through burlesque we are not only able to tell stories and entertain audiences, we are also able to connect with the innermost parts of ourselves. We are able to heal ourselves, and most importantly learn to love ourselves. As a teacher, I take great joy in facilitating this journey of finding self through choreography that pushes you to feel yourself, inside and out. To dig deep and release your inner god/goddess that has been waiting to erupt from within. Burlesque creates a unique tie to self-confidence because it gives you the opportunity to know your true self; your boundaries, what makes you smile, what makes you quiver, and what you want to share with the world. Burlesque is magic and the dancer is powerful. You are in control of your journey in your body. You make the choices.

Zara Estelle poses at The Atlanta School of Burlesque


Charlie Storm sitting on a chair posing for the camera.



She's Bald & Bawdy and she means business. Charlie V is the Storm that brings the shimmy. Writer, performer, educator, and advocate for authenticity, some might say the V is for variety. 

Charlie has spent more than 20 years training in dance, acting, and singing. She blew her way into the Burlesque scene in 2017 where she met her Burlesque godmothers, Freya West and Shan De Leers, founders of the Delinquent Debutants in Nashville, Tennessee. Since then she has supported burlesque performances as a stage kitten/prop tart, marketer, writer and performer, never passing up a chance to spread the gospel of storytelling with style. Charlie is currently writing for Metropolitan Studios and training with the Atlanta School of Burlesque in preparation for her formal, solo debut. Grab your umbrellas and put on your boots, Charlie V Storm is on the loose!



Mount Saint Helen is a web developer and graphic designer for Metropolitan Studios and The Candybox Revue. With experience in print and web design/development, painting, and illustration, she produces visually compelling and innovative ideas as well as resolves the design and development problems that arise with any project or initiative. 


Mount Saint Helen spends her free time bumping and grinding on the burlesque stage, making it her goal to take you to the peaks of entertainment and make you erupt with applause and dollar bills. She is a devotee of Metropolitan Studios and a beloved member of the Sass-Crotch dance crew.

Mount Saint Helen dances on stage
VaVa Vroom poses on a chair for the camera.



VaVa Vroom is a media producer and marketer for Metropolitan Studios, The Atlanta School of Burlesque, and The Candybox Revue. From shimmies and shakes and razzle to dazzle, she puts your burlesque peels on reels! She's a producer, videographer, and edits videos of shows, rehearsals, classes, events, and behind the scenes reels. Her background in media production and marketing gives her a 360 approach to her work.

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