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Atlanta Printing, Inc.​

Trust Atlanta Printing with all of your printing and finishing needs! Serving the Metro area since 1978 this full service print shop can handle just about anything you need printed, from business cards to books to large scale promotional projects. With small and large offset capabilities along with a full service digital press department and bindery we’ve got you covered!

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Burly Bundle

Burly Bundle is all about creating sexy burlesque accessories. Bundles are designed to provide full-sized, burlesque accessories with all the instructions and components, down to the tiniest rhinestone, so pieces can be successfully completed and worn. All bundles will be a pleasant surprise because we design a new and different accessory for each bundle to make sure you are always delighted. 


All bundles are designed by Misty Tetons, a former burlesque performer who's cheeky goal is to have "Pasties in Every Household!"  


We also put our money where our hearts are! We happily donate 10% of our subscription profits to either the Burlesque Hall of Fame or Burly Cares, or through our RoyalTease program for performers. At Burly Bundle it is important for us to give back to the community that provides so much joy, friendship and love. It’s all Good, It’s all about the Love! 

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Cathead Vodka​

The term “Cathead” is a compliment in Mississippi, first coined back in the day by blues musicians as a nod to artists they respect. Mississippi artists and musicians went on to use “Catheads” in many forms of folk art, as a way to pay the rent and share their legacies.


Mississippi repealed prohibition in 1966, the last state to do so. Forty four years later, lifelong friends and blues fans founded Cathead Distillery. Cathead is proud to be the first and oldest distillery in the state of Mississippi.


Mississippi is the proud state where blues music began, a genre that has deeply influenced all forms of American music. We work hard to bring honor to the meaning of Cathead through our philanthropic support of live music and artisans alike. Cathead also donates a portion of proceeds to nonprofits that contribute to the region’s abundant arts and culture. Cathead Distillery is an event-driven facility and a place for both locals and tourists to enjoy spirits tastings, live music, community, and a cold beer


IG: @drinkcathead (Promotion IG)

IG: @catheaddistillery (Distillery IG)

Twitter: @DrinkCathead

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Juicy ReVolution

Welcome to a Juicy reVolution - a global collective of badass femmes, an empowering space to build community with growth-oriented women seeking to continually up-level, support, and encourage each other to lead their juiciest lives. Founded in Jan 2022 by ASB & Metropolitan Studio ambassador Robin "Juicy" Montri, our members are called reVolutionaries and we amplify voices and explore content in an online community called the "V". We launched with 80 founding reVolutionaries, and have produced over 75 hours of juicy content, led by our Luminaries (instructors). 

Mercury Rising Baked Goods 

Hailing from her Southern home kitchen, Minnie Mercury has been delivering the tastiest of treats to friends, family, and co-workers for 10+ years.  Being self-taught, baking has been a passion of Minnie's along with being a burlesque performer, so naturally, she has made the decision to blend her two worlds.  Now presenting: Mercury Rising Baked Goods!  Mercury Rising Baked Goods is here to provide treats of all varieties for your patrons, VIPS, and more!  From cakes to cookies to pies, her desserts are created to compliment the theme of your event and are the perfect edible accessory to any sequined outfit.

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Troodle's Doodles

Oodles of Troodles has been a lifelong crafter. Upon joining the burlesque community, her creativity took a definite turn toward the sparkly.

She sells one of a kind pieces, each unique and handmade. She specializes in pasties for all different sizes and colors of chests and areolae - pasties for everyone! Troodles also loves taking commissions and working with people to create the perfect piece to accessorize their act or ensemble.

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