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The Atlanta School of Burlesque

Learn the Art of The Tease™!

Welcome to Atlanta's premier burlesque school and studio owned and operated by professional burlesque performers, producers, and teachers! Educating students since 2013, we are Atlanta's choice for burlesque education.
We offer drop-in adult dance classes ranging from Burlesque Basics to technical skill classes such as Liquid Motion. Drop-in classes can be taken at any time, by anyone! If you're looking to step into the professional world of burlesque, we recommend enrolling in our Atlanta Burlesque Academy.

Upcoming Special Events:

As an institution dedicated to burlesque education, it is of the utmost importance that we provide our students outstanding opportunities to learn. Keep scrolling for frequently asked questions about Burlesque Academy, pics, links to class dates, and class and course descriptions.

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What is The Atlanta School of Burlesque’s Burlesque Academy?

The Burlesque Academy is a program designed to integrate up and coming performers and producers into the broader Burlesque industry. With a Spring and a Fall semester, students have the opportunity to progress through our education program with final graduation occurring with either a fully realized solo performance, or by producing a fully realized production. Semesters are typically 12-16 weeks. All students who hope to graduate from the Atlanta School of Burlesque’s Burlesque Academy must complete Burlesque I, II, & III and all requisite workshops before progressing to Burlesque IV.


Burlesque IV is designed to work with a student for an entire semester to either create their graduation performance, or produce their graduation show. Typically, it takes (2-3) semesters to successfully complete requirements to move to Burlesque IV. In Burlesque IV, the student is paired with a performance or production mentor.

What is the difference between Burlesque Academy and Burlesque Progressive Series?
At its core, the difference between Academy and Progressive series is the time commitment. Some students may not be able to com
mit to a full 12–16-week semester and as such elect to progress through the academy a single 4–6-week session at a time. Additionally, showcase performance is not required to progress to Burlesque IV but is highly encouraged. 

Why would I take the Burlesque Academy and not a Progressive only?

Burlesque Academy is packaged for the best value and benefit. The Academy includes:

  • (12) weeks of instruction

  • Any additional rehearsals as set forth by your instructor.

  • All included workshops

  • Free studio time for independent student rehearsals

  • Promotional photoshoot

  • Academy students are guaranteed a place in the student showcase at the end of the semester.

  • Progressive courses only include the 4-6 weeks of movement instruction.

Are summer sessions part of the Burlesque Academy?

No, summer sessions are generally shorter semesters and are not created for specific levels, i.e., Burlesque I, Burlesque II, etc. Summer sessions (better known as Summer Sizzle) are generally open to all levels for all classes and allow our instructors a break from the semester curriculum and allow them to explore ideas and choreography that may not fall within their Academy level. However, students may elect to move directly to Burlesque II or III after a Summer Sizzle session, depending on their level of comfortability with movement, group work, etc.


How do I sign up/express interest in Burlesque IV?

Send us an email! Email our studio manager and instructor, Zara Estelle, and let them know you want to begin Burlesque IV. Zara will assess what workshops you may still need to take, discuss possible mentors with you, and set your schedule and fees for Burlesque IV.

For dates and descriptions please visit our Burlesque Academy page or our Progressive Series page!

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