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Experience live events and Atlanta burlesque shows!

Find information and tickets for upcoming events at Metropolitan Studios Arts and Movement Community.


Located in the East Atlanta Village - where everything's a little bit crooked (even parts of our 110+ year old building)! We hope you find our space as charming as we do! Our black box theatre is an intimate space in Atlanta, GA. We host Atlanta burlesque shows, small theatrical productions, stand-up comedy, live music, film screenings, Atlanta festivals, Atlanta artist markets, and so much more. Find event tickets below!

Dubbed as Atlanta's Burlesque & Cabaret House

We host Atlanta burlesque shows, burlesque classes, and burlesque events, we are owned and operated by professional burlesque performers with experience nationwide. Here, you can see intimate burlesque and cabaret performances at our venue in East Atlanta Village in Atlanta, Georgia. Add us to your list of top 10 things to do in Atlanta and your Atlanta bucket list!

With a combination of classic and neo-classic burlesque, solos, burlesque troupe numbers, we produce Atlanta burlesque shows that are polished, professional, and honor the history and art of the tease. Our burlesque shows feature musical theatre dance styles from the 1940s to the present and you will see burlesque performers who are committed to showing you burlesque is so much more than skin deep through the depth of burlesque storytelling from a place of authenticity. If you have never been to an Atlanta burlesque show, we welcome you to join us and if you just want to hoot and holler from the audience, find Atlanta burlesque show tickets right here!

If you'd like to learn the art of the tease™ with us, consider enrolling in our Burlesque classes! We are home to The Atlanta School of Burlesque, the only Atlanta Burlesque school and studio owned and operated by professional Burlesque performers, producers, and teachers! As an institution dedicated to burlesque education since 2013, it is of the utmost importance that The Atlanta School of Burlesque provides students access to the best instructors in our industry.

Brand new? Try Burlesque Basics! to become familiar with Burlesque as an art form.


Book a Babes Night Out private burlesque party or burlesque show for your Atlanta wedding and bachelorette party! We'll host a private burlesque class for you and your friends, a birthday, engagement party, and more!

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