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The Atlanta School of Burlesque presents A Weekend With the No. 40 most influential burlesque performer in the world - the award-winning burlesque phenomenon RedBone, September 21st - 22nd, 2024.

Best Burlesque in Atlanta - The Atlanta School of Burlesque presents A Weekend with Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière

Internationally known, Minnesota grown' RedBone is one of the biggest names in burlesque! She began traveling the world as one of the Wham Bam Thank You Ma’ams, backing up the infamous Foxy Tann in her quest for world domination in 2005. RedBone has featured at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, is the 2019 reigning 'Princess of Burlesque' of The Miss Exotic World competition at The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender in Las Vegas and 2016-2023 21st Century Burlesque Magazine Top 50 Most Influential Industry Figures!!

Owner of Cyclone Enterprises, a production company focused on Black, Brown & Queer Fringe Arts Entertainment and producing Moist - An All Black Erotic Cabaret at Oasis SF. She is co-founder of The Nudie Nubie’s Show - An Amateur Reveal established in 2013 designed to support and elevate the 4 years and under generation of teasers. Since 2014, RedBone has made it a priority to prevent ashiness by glamorously and naturally hydrating the skin of humans across the globe with her product Glam Jam - an all-natural glitter lotion stick, aka “Glo-tion For Your Motion"

RedBone “The Cyclone of Burlesque” || IG: @redbonempls

As an institution dedicated to burlesque education since 2013, The Atlanta School of Burlesque is committed to providing access to the best burlesque instructors and performers in our industry. 

That commitment builds on our history by inspiring us to help develop burlesque artists who find value in continuously honing their craft and valuing others. The A Weekend With burlesque education series is about sharing and experiencing different teaching styles to make burlesque accessible to an expansive student base. A Weekend With provides opportunities for our instructors, graduates, and new and seasoned performers to continue their arts education.


Reclaiming Your Erotic • 10:00 AM

“I feel, therefore I can be free” - Audre Lorde

We are poetry in motion, Your erotic is your spark, seed of life, your motivation, your physicalized expression of honesty. How you move through the world, untainted by outside influence. Your unapologetic truth. Inspired by Excerpts & Quotes from Audre Lorde’s Essay The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House and All About Love by Bells Hooks, we’ll get out of our heads and into our bodies to connect the spiritual, physical & emotional to Reclaim Your Erotic.

Starting with a meditative yoga inspired stretching series, cardio movement drills/across the floor followed by the choreography from the original 4 week series to 2:35 (I Want You) by Ashanti which is a mix of slinky contemporary jazz threading foundational hip hop funk style movements from locking & tutting and executing through the lens of Burlesque. Some dance experience is required. Must have basic knowledge of spotting.

Participants will move/dance in an intentionally holistic manner to learn & execute Contemporary/Foundational Hip-Hop inspired choreography.

Suggested Tools & Attire (These are not mandatory but will elevate your experience, please show up how you can and feel free to communicate directly to RedBone on how she can assist in making these things more accessible):

Intro to Breakin' • 11:45 AM

Breaking or Breakdance is a style of dance that encompasses many energy flows, levels and body parts which in turn allows you to use of ALL your muscle groups. You don’t have to be a trained dancer or even flexible.  Breaking is a style of dance that you can adapt to your body and actually…. you’re supposed to. The goal of this intro class is to assist in gaining upper body, core and lower body strength through a variety of dance moves versus traditional cardio & strengthening exercises.

Please bring: a skull cap (optional), knee pads, outer hoodie/sweatshirt, water, snack and a towel. Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move and stretch in and in studio only sneakers/joggers (fashion sneakers MUST have rubber bottoms).

This class is for any level though only for people ready for the workout. It can be intense for the faint of heart. Skull caps & Heels are not required though a tester of technique is installed.

Make Choreography Easy • 1:00 PM

What is choreography? In a nutshell, choreography is designing & memorizing moments, motion and/or formations to and from the next moment, motion and/or formation. Movement should complement or enhance the story you’re telling, not distract! Keep it simple! Moving with good posture and lines can be just as powerful as intricate choreography. Move right for you and grow from there. In this class we will:

A: Play with exercises to assist in coming up with movement and how to apply and manipulate it.

B: Talk about various ways to memorize what you create.

C: Move through stage mapping and the emotional ties of certain spots on stage.

D: You will then repeat the movement phrase to several different genres of music with composition elements, characterization/visualization.

Please bring: heels, notebook & writing utensil and wear comfortable clothes for movement.

Note: This is a composition style class. Not specifically a “dance” class.  I will not be giving you movement. You will be learning tools & ideas to enhance your current embodied movement.


Best Burlesque in Atlanta - The Atlanta School of Burlesque Brunch - Nose to The Rhinestone


Southern Cyclone

Starring the Cyclone of Burlesque, REDBONE! The evening forecast is for a phenomenon you have to experience to believe! Expect a swirling and twirling low-pressure system bringing showers of tassels and packing a strong chance of scattered feathers!

With temperatures rising steadily throughout the night, localized areas of fainting are possible, particularly for those susceptible to lighting "crack" displays of rhinestones and thunderous choreography. Our storm trackers say this burlesque show has a high probability of leg and possibly some midriff exposure.

The Southern Cyclone Burlesque Experience is expected to linger for a few hours before dissipating sometime later this evening.

So folks, grab your umbrellas and settle in for Atlanta's Southern Cyclone Burlesque Experience!


Nose To the Rhinestone

Brunch just got a whole lot spicier! Featuring live performances in front of a panel of burlesque pros who provide constructive suggestions and feedback based on each performer's goals. The show is to help each burlesque performer put their "nose to the rhinestone" to further develop and find glittering success! Panelists: RedBone and instructors of The Atlanta School of Burlesque.

Nose to the Rhinestone began as a social media accountability network created by Bazuka Joe who says that #NoseToTheRhinestone* was, "created in an effort to get folks motivated, and it served its purpose well at the time." Now, search the hashtag on most social media channels and see the incedible work and dedication that burlesque performers have chronicled. We have created this burlesque brunch show as a part of our A Weekend With series to inspire performers to put their noses to the rhinestone and create something that can then be peer reviewed by some of the best burlesque professionals in our industry!

*We use this name and concept with explicit consent and enthusiasm from Bazuka Joe.

Apply to Nose to the Rhinestone: Application Deadline 8/1/24

Become a Partner

We thank our sponsors and partners for their ongoing support of the studio and its work! Metropolitan Studios (our parent company) is fiscally sponsored through Fractured Atlas, an arts 501(c)3 nonprofit, so your sponsorship can be a tax deductible donation. If you're interested in becoming a cash or in-kind partner, please contact 

Sponsors receive:

  • Social media shoutouts leading up to the weekender

  • Your logo in the program

  • A digital ad that plays during preshow entertainment

  • Space on our Community Partners page on the website 

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