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The Atlanta School of Burlesque is proud to present A Weekend With the No. 1 most influential burlesque performer in the world - the award-winning burlesque phenomenon Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière, March 23-24.

Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière, aka Lauren Ashley Jiles, is an Afro-Indigenous internationally renowned neo-burlesque dancer, teacher, and activist hailing from the Mohawk territory of Kahnawake, Quebec.

Best Burlesque in Atlanta - The Atlanta School of Burlesque presents A Weekend with Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière

"She uses her art to break social constructs surrounding First Nations women’s sexuality and imposes news standards of beauty in the burlesque community." - VICE

She has been thrice voted into the Burlesque Top 50 by 21st Century Burlesque! In September 2018 Lou Lou was crowned New Orleans Queen of Burlesque. She also holds titles at the 2019 Burlesque Hall of Fame (2nd Runner up and Most Innovative).

As an institution dedicated to burlesque education since 2013, The Atlanta School of Burlesque is committed to providing access to the best burlesque instructors and performers in our industry. 

That commitment builds on our history by inspiring us to help develop burlesque artists who find value in continuously honing their craft and valuing others. The A Weekend With burlesque education series is about sharing and experiencing different teaching styles to make burlesque accessible to an expansive student base. A Weekend With provides opportunities for our instructors, graduates, and new and seasoned performers to continue their arts education.


The Get Down • 10:00 AM

Learn the art of the get down with Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière in her floorwork master class! Perfect your dips, dives and shoulder rolls while learning fun safe ways to get on the floor. Work your moves, strengthen your choreography, and take your floorwork from “ow” to “wow!” Bring knee pads if desired.

Giving Em' The Business  • 11:15 AM

This theory workshop takes you from the trials of breaking onto the scene to navigating the landscape of touring, headlining and producing.

On Beat: Musicality 101 • 12:30 PM

Unlock your inner musical performer to step your burlesque game up this year. Hone your skills in transitions, movement and connection; and acquire the tools necessary to bring out the WOW factor in your next act and take your choreography from step-driven and technical to organic and awe inspiring. Learn the importance of active listening, song selection and mapping, alongside tips to working with live bands. Lou Lou will teach you how to strengthen your use of rhythm, tempo, phrasing, and mood so that you will be set up for success next time you hit the stage.


Best Burlesque in Atlanta - The Atlanta School of Burlesque presents A Weekend with Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière
Best Burlesque in Atlanta - The Atlanta School of Burlesque Brunch - Nose to The Rhinestone


Virtue & Vice

Starring Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière! Virtue & Vice take center stage with performances that push the boundaries of convention, exploring the darker, more seductive side of the human experience. This is more than a burlesque show; it's a journey into the heart of desire, a celebration of the duality that makes us human. Experience a night where virtue and vice dance in perfect harmony.

Featuring Performances By: 

Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière

Axel Estelle

Zara Estelle

Talloolah Love

Minnie Mercury

Lola LeSoleil

Eva Mae Sway

Bunny Wigglebottom

Golden Mystique

Roula Roulette

Hosted By: Platinum Pussycat


Nose To the Rhinestone

Brunch just got a whole lot spicier! Join us for an Atlanta burlesque brunch like no other! Featuring live performances in front of a panel of burlesque professionals who provide constructive suggestions and feedback about what they saw and based on each performer's goals. The show is to help each burlesque performer put their "nose to the rhinestone" to further develop and find glittering success! Panelists: Lou Lou, instructors of The Atlanta School of Burlesque, and performers from Saturday's show.

Nose to the Rhinestone began as a social media accountability network created by Bazuka Joe. According to Bazuka Joe, #NoseToTheRhinestone* was, " . . .created in an effort to get folks motivated, and it served its purpose well at the time." Now, you can search the hashtag on most social media channels and see the incredible work and dedication that many burlesque performers have chronicled. We have created this burlesque brunch show as a part of our A Weekend With series to inspire burlesque performers to put their noses to the rhinestone and create something that can then be peer reviewed by some of the best burlesque professionals in our industry!

*We use this name and concept with explicit consent and enthusiasm from Bazuka Joe.

Featuring Performances By: 

Ava Cado

Axel Estelle

Brie Fromage

Ivee The Amazon

Tarah Rising

Willow Delacour

Become a Partner

We love our community partners! Please email Roula Roulette at if you're interested in becoming a cash or in-kind partner. 

All A Weekend With partners receive:

  • Social media shoutouts leading up to the weekender

  • Your logo in the program

  • A digital ad that plays during preshow & intermission

  • Space on our "Community Partners" page on the website 

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